Q: What is Smile Now?
A: Smile Now is a disposable template shaped like beautiful teeth that can be placed over natural teeth to show instantly what a smile enhancement can look like.

Q: Why would it benefit me?
A: Smile Now benefits the dentist, the staff and the patient. It allows the dentist to spend less time using impressions, wax-ups and digital imaging showing their patient the possibilities of smile enhancement. It allows the staff to get involved because the system is so easy, staff can try in templates for patients prior to seeing the dentist. No more waiting for computer imaging, no more impressions and return visits, no more unnecessary wax ups. It allows the patient in an instant see their own Smile, now.

Q: How long will it last?
A: Smile now is temporary, the goal is only to show your patient what their smile could look like if you were to enhance their smile with elective services such a veneers, implants, crowns, or whitening. With our new peel and stick technology the patient can now wear the template home to show their spouse or family member their new smile possibility. This increases the possibility of the patient saying yes to the proposed cosmetic treatment. The patient simply removes the template and throws it away.

How to use smile now?

Measure the width of the patient's central incisor, then choose corresponding Smile-Now template:8.0mm= small
8.5mm= medium
9.0mm= large
10.0mm= x-large

Dry and isolate the teeth. Peel off the clear backing from the inside of the template. Adhere the sticky side of the template to the teeth, hold in place for a few seconds.

Let go of template and allow patient to see how great their smile could look with enhancement.

Now is the time to explain to your patient how enhancement will be customized for them: shade, contour and texture.

Present your before and after photos at this time, showing how each of your cases are specific for the individual they were created for.